A strong, tenured faculty is the best protection of academic freedom for all members of the academic community.

The AAUP is an association of professors and academic professionals. Our chapter is dedicated to increasing faculty governance and academic freedom at GT and nationally. It provides a unique and responsive Institute-wide alternative for improving GT to the benefit of the entire Yellow Jacket community by positively engaging the faculty and administration alike.  We are not a union.  

AAUP membership is open to faculty: tenure-track, non-tenure track, academic and research; graduate students; post-doctoral fellows; and all others engaged in teaching and research in higher education, whether full-time or part-time.

The GT AAUP chapter plays an important role in GT’s Covid response and academic freedom, among other issues. 

In addition, we are sure you noticed in the press that the AAUP statewide organization is heavily involved in lobbying the BOR and USG with respect to Tenure and Covid responses.